Current Political Scenario in Pakistan

By: Avery Smith

Similar to many powerful leaders, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imrhan Khan, has many positive and negative characteristics and struggles to fulfill every subject’s needs. As the 22nd Prime Minister, he is well aware of current Western Culture, but also equipped with evident traditional values. He was born in 1952, educated in the United Kingdom, and raised in the Western World. People across the world know him for his honest, loving, and noble qualities. He shows a love for humanity throughout his leadership. After his speech in the UN General Assembly in 2019 and attracting international attention, Imrhan Khan asserted himself in the international community as an innovative global leader. Along with being the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he is chairman of Pakistan’s largest political party, tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). PTI’s 100-day agenda announced after Imrhan Khan took office included “sweeping reforms in almost all areas of Government, including the creation of a new province in Southern Punjab, fast-tracking of the merger of Federally Administered Tribal Areas into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the betterment of law and order situation in Karachi, and betterment of relations with Baloch political leaders.” PTI’s main goal is an equitable society based on the structure that the prophet Mohammad laid down in the Medina Charter (The foundation of the model Islamic State) an egalitarian society based on the rule of law and economic justice-the first welfare state in history.

Imrhan Khan became the third most popular leader in Pakistan history, and the majority voted for him because of his promises made to the people of Pakistan, who entrusted him to represent them. Unfortunately, most of his promises were not fulfilled once elected Prime Minister. Pakistan people choose to blame his team, not him, for the problems that they are facing: higher cost of living, shortage of Atta, sugar, Pretrol, high inflation, devaluation of currency, unemployment, and shortage of electricity. People believe that Allah, the All-mighty god, liked and elevated Imran Khan to be the Prime Minister because of his good deeds, but do not believe the same for the PTI government. PTI government team consists of non-elected members, foreign imported members, dual national members, electable elite, who joined him only recently for getting better positions in his Government. Imran Khan has little control over PTI’s actions.

PTI was initially voted for the important causes of equality, meritocracy, justice, and complete transformations. In the past, Pakistan experienced countless crises, and the country is in need of a change. It is important for Imran Khan to think about how to satisfy the public, first, and PTI second, before it is too late for Pakistan.


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