Daily Life in Peru

By Alexa Bournazos

Daily life in Peru varies based on location. In rural settings, people perform traditional, agricultural work and rely on the agricultural cycle and harvesting periods. Most agricultural work is performed during the day, beginning early in the morning and ending in the early evening. Seventy-seven percent of the people living in poverty in Peru live in rural areas. The only thing that distracts farming families from life on the farm is religious and cultural celebrations. In urban cities Peru citizens’ daily lives vary based upon their social and economic status. The majority of Peru’s population is lower class citizens who work two to three blue collar jobs and have very limited free time. These people reside outside of the major cities in squatter settlements. A day in the life of an upper middle class Peruvian citizen consists of, if employed, work, a big meal shortly after noon, an hour break, returning to work, and a late dinner with friends and family, often at a restaurant. The upper class in Peru often have servants and multiple homes.

Similar to daily life, Peruvian Cuisine varies based upon the region. In rural, mountainous areas meals generally consist of potatoes, grains, and meats. In coastal areas, the food is prepared with fresh seafood, vegetables, and a lot of rice.

Typical clothing in Peruvian cities are western style, and similar to what would be encountered in the United States. In rural areas more traditional clothing is popular such as distinctive hats, ponchos, skirts, belts, and blouses that are often homemade.

Fiestas are very prominent in Peru’s culture and each region has a festa at least once a year, often for religious holidays. Folk culture that is rooted in ancestral inheritance is prominent in Peru. Pre-Hispanic and mestizo lore appear in many popular myths, songs, and dances.

Similar to other Latin American countries, football, also known as soccer, and bullfighting, are the two of the most popular sports in Peru. People of all social classes enjoy sports as a fun pastime. Sports like golf, tennis, and yachting, are almost exclusively taken up by the wealthy in Peru.

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