By Avery Smith

The Klitschko foundation in Ukraine focuses on projects for children in both sports and education. The foundation’s primary goal is to produce an environment that supports the intellectual and physical basis of Ukrainian youth. By helping children discover their potential and making their dreams a reality, the Klitshcko foundation has accomplished so much nationwide. Since the foundation was founded in 2003, it has grown in tremendous ways. With only 8 members on the team, the Klitshcko foundation has received around 78, 348, 448 donations, and although “the results are shown in numbers, the Klitshcko foundation values what stands behind them”. The foundation’s motto is “Fight for your dream”, and a substantial number of children have had the opportunity to do so because of the Klitschko team’s hard work and dedication.

The Klitshcko foundation works in areas that “help children achieve the most in life”, whether this is in sports, education, science, or medicine. The Klitshcko foundation organizes projects ranging from 5-day debate camps, to a zero waste school, to programs for the reconstruction and renovation of youth sports schools across Ukraine. These serve to provide children with spaces in which they can mature socially, emotionally, and physically. Furthermore, it is important for children to learn how to overcome the obstacles they face in life, and ultimately the Klitshcko foundation hopes that in doing so, more Ukranian youth will be equipped with the necessary tools to make even their wildest dreams come true.




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