Recent Increase in Coronavirus Cases

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

By: Avery Smith

In less than two weeks, the amount of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan has risen by about 50%. The cause of this surge are the numerous eased restrictions by the Pakistan National Command and Operation Center (NCOC). The number of active cases increased by an alarming 1714, on March 6, adding to a total of 17,352 total active cases in the country. From that single day, 38 people lost their lives due to the Coronavirus. Less than two weeks ago, on February 27, 1176 cases were recorded, and on March 1, a total of 1,163 cases were reported. The following days were where the unfortunate substantial increase occurred: 1,388 cases on March 2, and 1,519 on March 4. The continuous increasing number of cases need to be stopped before more deaths occur.

The eased restrictions directly connect to the influx of cases threatening Pakistan. The NCOC decided to ease coronavirus restrictions on commercial activities, schools, offices and other workplaces, allowing them to go on at full strength. Full strength, meaning no restrictions, included the lift of the time limit on commercial activities, the condition of 50% attendance at workplaces removed, and schools functioning five days a week. Future plans were put into place for March 15: the ability to hold indoor wedding ceremonies, and the opening of cinemas and shrines. On top of that, the capacity of spectators at Pakistan Super League Matches (a professional cricket league), was allowed to be increased. The league’s initial capacity rule started with 20% capacity in the beginning of the season, and the eased restrictions recently changed that percentage to 50%. Along with that, for the playoff games, 100% capacity would be allowed, as long as spectators abided by standard operating systems. That tournament was postponed until March 4 after players were infected with the virus. The postponing of the tournament was a thoughtful decision, to prevent more people from getting infected. The Pakistan Medical Association, a representative body of doctors, “suggested the government to enforce the standard operating procedures and impose restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.” Re-enforcing the restrictions that were previously lifted is essential in keeping Pakistan people safe, and preventing more deaths before it is too late.


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