The Pandemic's Impact on Peruvian Politics

By Mary Burdick

While the Coronavirus Pandemic has been absolutely devastating, it has also forced countries around the world to reflect on their political policies and make changes for the better. Peru, for instance, has enforced a series of new semi-permanent reforms created to help eliminate bustling crowds in over populated areas.

One of the first new reforms the Peruvian government has enforced is the ban on private vehicles in the Peruvian capital Lima. This reform encourages cycling, rather than overcrowded buses, and limits the Peruvian people from gathering in large crowds on public buses and in minivans. Sadly, with a high poverty rate, the streets of Peru still are overcrowded, and the Pandemic continues to spread rapidly. There is potential, however, for a potential wealth tax. With the devastation economically the Pandemic has brought to so many people, the tax could potentially help thousands suffering on the streets by giving them some economic relief.

Other reforms the government is potentially enforcing is the release of many prisoners from overcrowded prisons, and a law to encourage stay at home work, an idea that is noticeably increasing in popularity across the span of the world.

While it is unsure whether all these reforms will be enforced just during the pandemic or for a longer period of time, the reforms are proof of government awareness and progress - a necessity of a sound country.

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